Grafana Cloud is a fully managed observability stack that includes Grafana, Loki, Tempo, and Prometheus. This guide focuses on integrating Langtrace AI with Grafana Cloud for distributed tracing using Tempo. Grafana Cloud allows you to leverage its powerful capabilities to analyze and visualize trace data from Langtrace AI.



Before you begin, ensure you have the following:


Generate Grafana API Token

To generate the Grafana API token, follow the steps in this guide. The outcomes of this step are the values of


Install the Instrumentation Library

If you haven’t already, install the latest release of the OpenTelemetry Python package:

pip install opentelemetry-distro[otlp]
opentelemetry-bootstrap -a install

Environment Configuration

To configure your environment for Grafana Cloud, use the values from the Grafana API token steps to set the following environment variables:

export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_PROTOCOL="http/protobuf"
export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT="<https://your_oltp_endpoint>"
# Python requires "Basic%20" instead of "Basic "
export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS="Authorization=Basic%20<your_encoded_api_token>"
export OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES="service.name=your-app-name,service.instance.id=your-app-instance"

For Python replace the space after Basic with %20 OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS=“Authorization=Basic%20lkawhklwhkh”

Replace the following values:

  • your_encoded_api_token with your actual Grafana Cloud API token.
  • your_oltp_endpoint with your endpoint values
  • your-app-name with your application/service name
  • your-app-instance with your instance name

Install & Initialize Langtrace SDK

  • Install Langtrace’s SDK and initialize the SDK in your code.
# Install the SDK
pip install langtrace-python-sdk

# Import it into your project
from langtrace_python_sdk import langtrace # Must precede any llm module imports
langtrace.init(api_key = 'LANGTRACE_API_KEY')
  • For sending traces to Grafana, you do not need a Langtrace API key.

  • Run your application using the OpenTelemetry Python automatic instrumentation tool opentelemetry-instrument:

opentelemetry-instrument python YOUR_APPLICATION.py


After running your Langtrace application, you should see traces generated in Grafana Tempo. You can now visualize and analyze the incoming requests and outgoing LLM calls made by your LLM application. Below is example of what you can expect to see in Grafana after integrating Langtrace:



  • Traces not visible in Grafana: Ensure that all required environment variables are set correctly. Double-check the variable names and values.

  • Missing Libraries: Verify that all necessary libraries are installed. You can reinstall the required packages using the following commands:

    pip install opentelemetry-distro[otlp]
    opentelemetry-bootstrap -a install
  • Formatting OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS: Ensure that the space in the OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS value is replaced with %20. The correct format is:

export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS="Authorization=Basic%20<your_encoded_api_key>

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